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Clear Rubber Floor Mats

clear rubber floor mats

    floor mats
  • (Floor mat) A mat is a generic term for a piece of fabric or flat material, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes including: * providing a regular or flat surface, such as a mousepad.

  • Rubber boots; galoshes

  • an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products

  • returned for lack of funds; "a rubber check"; "a no-good check"

  • A tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant or synthetically

  • An oblong piece of rubber or similar material embedded in the pitcher's mound, on which the pitcher must keep one foot while delivering the ball

  • rubberize: coat or impregnate with rubber; "rubberize fabric for rain coats"

  • So as not to be obstructed or cluttered

  • So as to be out of the way of or away from

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clear rubber floor mats - RPM Drymate

RPM Drymate Garage 20' Large Floor Mat

RPM Drymate Garage 20' Large Floor Mat

Keep your garage floor clean and new with this Garage Floor Mat! This Garage Floor Mat boasts Zorb-Tech anti-flow absorbency technology to stop spills from "migrating". The Mat's soft, stain resistant, felt-like non-woven fabric is coated on one side with a clear, durable, special bonded backing that prevents "soak-through" from above or below. More details: Waterproof, bonded backing prevents leak-through; Absorbs all drips... snow, rain, mud, oil, etc. Protects floor and hides previous cracks and stains; Eliminates tracking grimy dirt into your home; Lightweight, easy to use and move; Durable and stain resistant to last for years; Easy to clean with soap and water... simply power wash or hose down; Slip resistant backing keeps the Mat in place; Can be vacuumed. Measures 20' x 7'4", fits large SUVs, vans and pickups. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Standard - word search in our Store for 'Floor Mat'. RPM Drymate Garage 20' Large Floor Mat

85% (7)



Work starts early morning. Tapping is done by carving off a thin layer of the bark.(with a special knife)
Care is taken not to cut deep as it could injure the tree. By noon the latex flows into the container which is attached to the tree. Here they hace used a cheratta (coconut shell) The latex is then collected and mixed with formic acid to coagulate the liquid latex.
The thick rubber sheets are then manually rolled in a roller to squeeze out the water.
It is then dried by 'smoking' it.
At a time only one side of a tree is cut. This is to allow healing when the other side is taken up for cutting. If done carefully and with skill, this tapping panel will yield latex for up to 5 years.
This was clicked at Pala (Kerala). Three years ago I had clicked a similar one in Changanacherry (see below)

Rubber Trees IMG 3521

Rubber Trees IMG 3521

Rubber and tin were once Malaysia's major exports. Tapping the rubber trees is back-breaking and labour intensive.

clear rubber floor mats

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